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Bioresonance – What is It?

The cells of living beings emit frequencies and, in that way, communicate with each other. When a cell is attacked by a pathogen or toxin, the frequency it emits becomes disrupted. Now imagine that at birth you start with an empty bowl that fills with stress, viruses, heavy metals, preservatives, smog, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. When the bowl runs out of space, there is a spillover. At that point, a symptom appears. Why? If there were no symptoms, we would never know we had a problem because a symptom is a warning signal that encourages us to do something to improve our health and well-being.

Keep in mind that the disease occurs before the onset of symptoms and this is precisely why bioresonance can help you. Bioresonance is the most advanced technology designed to discover the cause of the symptoms that have brought the body into imbalance. The bioresonance detects disturbed frequencies, inverts them, and sends them back to the body as a healing signal. In this way, BICOM stimulates the self-healing forces of the organism. It is also powerful in cleansing all loads and toxins.



Valera Vita’s mission is the satisfaction and health of each client. We want to contribute to your journey to health.




Valera Vita’s vision is to provide you with the easiest possible access to our treatments. For this reason, we are actively working on the development of a franchise business system so that in the near future you could have a center in the immediate vicinity.



Ana Sušić

Our first encounter with bioresonance was due to atopic dermatitis in a new-born daughter. The rash was spread all over the body. After the treatments, the rash completely receded. Later, we used BICOM treatments to treat ear infections, allergies, and food intolerance. The children’s and my health have greatly improved. We are thrilled!

Big kudos to Valera Vita team!


Hearing the story of an acquaintance who treated allergies and asthma with bioresonance, my husband and I went for treatment at the Valera Vita Centre. The first motive for our arrival was allergies, but through testing, we also learned about the causes of our other ailments, which are no longer there today thanks to BICOM treatments and the recommended diet that goes with it. Now we feel lighter, better, and completely healthy!

Lidija I.

I became acquainted with bioresonance at the very beginning of the work of the Valera Vita Centre. Since then, bioresonance has been present in the treatment of all conditions in our family. The first successful encounter with bioresonance was treatment for Candida and food hypersensitivity. I subsequently treated E. coli-induced bladder infection. In only a few treatments, E. Coli disappeared, which was confirmed by re-urine culture. I continue with bioresonance at the Valera Vita Centre. I love coming to the beautifully decorated center where I indulge in the professional staff and enjoy the peace and relaxed atmosphere.

Edita Hadžić

My bioresonance test revealed Helicobacter. After the treatment, the bacteria disappeared as well as the bleeding. In the season of viruses and colds, I came for treatment because I could not breathe or swallow, and I also had a headache. After 10 minutes of the program, I started breathing normally. What to say except one big THANK YOU! The Valera Vita Centre employs great professionals and I recommend them to absolutely everyone: clients, relatives, and friends, and they share the same satisfaction and positive developments in their treatments.


Every time I come for treatment, I am delighted with the possibilities of the BICOM device, and it is important to note that it is also very important for the therapist to know how to use it properly. I got rid of Candida with a prescribed diet. It is amazing how many different symptoms, one would never even think of, indicate a Candida infection. We then tackled my main allergen – wheat. Urinary tract infections, to which pregnant women are particularly prone, have also been resolved. I’d like to thank the Valera Vita team for everything and look forward to each new treatment.

Željko Mavrović

BICOM is definitely a great method of solving problems. For years, I have been taking care of my health and developing my potential. Also, for years I have not been able to recognize and solve the problem of Candida in my body or the allergens that bothered me. Today, I am grateful to BICOM technology and the patience of the Valera Vita team for the clean and healthy condition of my body.


I struggled with headaches for years and went on various tests, but I could not find the cause. To me, BICOM is the greatest discovery ever! The first check-up revealed Candida, a metabolic disorder, and I learned that I was intolerant to sugar. In 2 and a half months I managed to solve all my problems, and the most beautiful thing that happened to me, I BECAME PREGNANT!! Now I enjoy pregnancy free of headaches. To all staff at the Valera Vita Centre, thank you!

Perica H.

I came to the Valera Vita Center with elevated levels of ferritin in my blood. The aluminum load was detected. After bioresonance treatments, I feel much better. Ferritin values have returned to normal, I have lost weight, my energy has returned and my general condition is much better. I’m still on a diet because it suits me. I am very pleased with the results of the BICOM treatment.

Anita Cvitković

After the COVID-19 quarantine and the earthquake in Zagreb, alopecia appeared on my existing diagnosis of thrombocytosis. I sought help at the Valera Vita Center. I entered a beautiful and relaxed space, full of affirmative messages. The Valera Vita team won me over at first sight. BICOM pointed to thyroid, aluminum, and gluten intolerance problems. I started with the treatments and very quickly noticed that my hair was no longer falling out and even started to grow. For me, going to Valera Vita Center is like wellness. I enjoy soothing music, talk to the wonderful staff, recharge my batteries and heal my body. The perfect combination!

Darija Arabadžić

With the BICOM device in Valera Vita, I successfully solved the problem with fungi, gluten, and lactose intolerance. I am grateful for these treatments because they have improved my quality of life. In Valera Vita, I also deal with emotional blockages and insomnia. The first choice to solve my problems is always bioresonance.

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