When we talk about pushing our own boundaries, then we primarily mean spreading the concept and awareness of life, other people, and ourselves. We use this phrase when we want to describe a step out of the usual everyday life, accepting new challenges, mastering new skills, testing our own strengths, etc.

There has been a lot of talks lately about the importance of getting out of the comfort zone because out there, they say, beyond our safe boundaries, the real magic happens. And they are right. It would only be better if we talked less about it and worked more on the step forward that can in many ways enrich our lives, sharpen our awareness of our own abilities, and ultimately – contribute to our health.

Because man was created such that it is natural for him to learn throughout his life, to constantly develop and grow. And it is normal thatfrom time to time the boundaries of the world to which he is accustomed become too narrow, that he runs out of room for healthy progress. If it can no longer expand and strengthen further, and does nothing about it, it will certainly begin to languish, to wither. Just like a plant in too small a jar with soil that no longer provides anything nutritious.

Then it’s time to ‘break the mold’ and expand your own boundaries because only that option can ensure a healthy and happy continuation of life. How the mold will need to be broken, everyone knows best for themselves. It doesn’t have to be any drastic life move. Even a simple new habit can do wonders for our lives. For some, the boundaries may expand when they finally learn to say ‘no’ to people and situations that don’t suit them, quitting a job that frustrates them, going on an exciting journey, committing to a hobby that has always been neglected, and so on.

The opportunity is really a lot, as well as the reasons why it is healthy to push your own boundaries. Below we have listed the ones we consider most important!



When we restrain ourselves with established patterns of living and thinking, when we allow dissatisfaction to become the light motive of our life, our health also suffers. Remember that it is natural for man to change, grow and develop. We just can’t spend our whole lives in the same patterns / unhealthy habits and be happy and content.



New situations and challenges will show us who we are at the moment, where we are strong and where we are weak and certainly sharpen the vision of where we really want to be. Therefore, from time to time set yourself an interesting challenge, become aware of your abilities, strengthen your strength and self-confidence.



New skills can certainly be healthy for us, especially if they are skills that will ensure our peace of mind and stability in all areas of life. Stepping beyond safe boundaries always forces us in some way to work on new skills to stabilize and find a healthy balance.



A man who runs away from himself and breathes shallowly under any disguise, cannot stay healthy. When you push your own boundaries, when you embark on different adventures, then you often have the opportunity to express what lies inside you, which you may not have even been aware of. These are ideal opportunities to honestly look yourself in the eye and work on yourself.



By pushing your own boundaries, you will be the only person you can rely on. It is an opportunity to gain confidence in yourself, to start appreciating yourself more, and to love every part of yourself because only you know what you went through, only you know how hard it was for you, and only you can get on the right path.



During life, we accumulate a lot of beliefs that eventually cease to serve us and only become a burden. When a person is faced with new challenges, when he finds himself in new territory, then he has an ideal opportunity to test his beliefs and reject everything that no longer serves him. Without burdensome beliefs, you will be much lighter and healthier!

As we have already mentioned, you know best how to push your own boundaries, what kind of challenges to choose to break free and continue to progress. A lot of people, when they want a change and an honest encounter with themselves, decide to travel. And indeed,travel has a fascinatingimpact on our mind, spirit and body.

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