Valera Vita centre has been successfully available to its clients for more than 20 years, constantly looking for new knowledge and methods.

Meet the Founder of Valera Vita

My name is Zdravka Svetličić, I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a licensed homeopath, BICOM therapist, NLP Master Trainer, and Access Bars facilitator.

I acquired my knowledge through a set of courses provided by Regumed Institute in Germany and I became a certified BICOM therapist. In Romania, in 2013, I completed a postgraduate study in bioresonance at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes”, Timisoara. I continuously attend training, congresses, and seminars in bioresonance and I progress in that area every day. Thanks to my knowledge, experience, and success in my work, I am a lecturer at many seminars and international congresses of BICOM therapists.

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  1. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagreb, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1998
  2. The London International College of Homeopathy, Classical Homeopathy; April, 2000
  3. Institute for Group Analysis of the Clinic for Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Zagreb, Preparatory training in group analysis, 2003/2004.
  4. Introductory seminar and workshop for BICOM Resonant Therapy (BRT), November 2011, among J. Hennecke; Dr. with S. Leib; Dr. honey. R.Oesterle; Dr. with P. Schumacher; Prof. C.W.Smith; Regumed
  5. Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania; Biofeedback of Internal and External Environmental Factors Analyzed via Bioresonance with the SCIO; June 2013
  6. Post Graduate, Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Biofeedback, Scio Bioresonance Device; Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania; December 2013
  7. Biophysical test and therapeutic system with electroacupuncture; Kristen Soltau HP; February 2014; Regumed
  8. Practice oriented therapy systematic and effective allergy therapy, Mr.J.Hennecke, MD and Ms. Simone Maquinay – Hennecke; March 2015; Regumed
  9. Autoimmune diseases of the thyroid and adrenal glands – a holistic approach and therapy, Sabine Rauch, MD; November 2015; Regumed
  10. Biophysical therapy nof neurodermatitis; Hans Schwarz, MD; April 2016; Regumed
  11. The endocrine glands – energy interrelationships and the therapy options; Sabine Rauch, dr.med.; September 2016.; Regumed
  12. Management of psychosomatic disorders with the BICOM biophysical method, Athens , September 2017; Cassandra Mougiakou, MD
  13. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) PRACTITIONER, IN INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NLP INSTITUTESchosomatic clinical pictures & bioresonance, Fulda, April 2018; Mr.J.Hennecke, MD and Ms. Simone Maquinay – Hennecke; Regumed
  1. Test and therapy systematic of Borreliosis and other chronic coinfections due to intracellular pathogens; Sabine Rauch, dr.med; October 2019.; Regumed
  2. Access Consciousness; Access Facelift Practitioner; 09.11.2019.; S. Gottstein
  3. Access Consciousness; Access The Foundation; 24.11.2019.; S. Gottstein
  5. Access Consciousness; Access Bars Facilitator; January 21st, 2020.; Gary M. Douglas
  6. Continuing professional development in homeopathy with the following lecturers (Dr. Javahar Shah; Mario Boiadjiev; Dr. Shreepad Khedekar – Predictive Homeopath).

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