Allergies and Other Immune Disorders

Do you have a certain type of allergy and you could not find a way to get rid of it?

Try some of the most successful treatments with the help of our experts.

The causes of allergies are commonly found in one’s diet (1). Wheat is a classic trigger of allergic reactions (2). The same is true for dairy products and refined sugar (3). They irritate and corrode the intestinal wall resulting in porous intestines, causing an inadequate allergic reaction (3). Intestinal dysbiosis contributes to excessive allergic reactions. Allergies are one of the most common symptoms of poisoning. The intestinal wall gets damaged which over-stimulates the intestinal lymph tissue leading to allergic reactions consequently slowing down the organism and the individual (3). Pollen allergy is often unjustifiably posed as a major problem, but the answer is in food intolerance and chemical toxins that make the intestines porous and cause the immune system to be on standby all year round (3). BICOM analysis helps us discover the cause of the imbalance that led to allergic reactions, and with the treatment, we encourage the body to completely neutralize allergies and return to the best shape. As a result, you can lose the weight which you gained due to allergies.

How do allergies occur?

Imagine that your body is a container in which you put both good and bad substances for years. The body is perfectly designed to clean everything it does not need. As the container becomes fuller, the body slows down its cleansing capabilities and soon there is no more room in the container, and it suffuses. At that moment, the symptoms appear. Among them, we also encounter allergy symptoms, but keep in mind that allergic symptoms are not just skin rashes, sneezing, runny nose, or asthma. Allergies can create much bigger problems and affect more organs.

Allergies are the diseases of today, the biggest problem of the modern age and they are constantly on the rise. A common cause of allergies is today’s processed foods “enriched” with thousands of chemical additives, followed by mites, pollen, animals, insect bites, drugs, and mold. What does actually happen?


A healthy body is protected by antibodies from viruses, bacteria, and infections. In allergy sufferers, the immune system misunderstands a particular allergen as an enemy and begins to make antibodies to defend itself against it.


Classic allergy medications work by eliminating or alleviating allergy symptoms. This blocks the reaction of the immune system, which further worsens the health condition. In addition, there is the possibility of drug dependence and there are many other side effects.

Whatever allergies you have problems with, Valera Vita treatments bring much-needed relief. BICOM bioresonance is one of the most successful methods for the complete elimination of allergies. Contact us with confidence.


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