The hormonal system is a key to the normal functioning of the body. If only one hormonal gland is out of balance, the others are not functioning normally either. Hormones are like an orchestra. For the melody to be harmonious, all instruments must be in tune.


Menopause is a normal state of the female body that torments us. A fully functional liver is crucial for good health during menopause as it supplies all the body with vital energy, helps regulate digestion, and gets rid of toxins and waste. The liver also improves metabolism, balances hormones, and nourishes hair, skin, nails, eyes, and body cells (1). During life, our body accumulates a considerable amount of toxins and loads that worsen the symptoms of menopause (1). Valera Vita BICOM analysis reveals imbalances and loads and individually tailored treatments return the body to balance. With proper nutrition, adequate hydration, exercise, and by taking proper care of your mental health, you will not even experience menopause (2). You will enjoy menopause as if it were your second youth.


Hormonal imbalances, accumulated stress, excessive consumption of alcohol and/or coffee, smoking, and psychological problems can have a negative impact on fertility. Being overweight or underweight can also harm fertility. Candida albicans is often a barrier to pregnancy. Valera Vita BICOM analysis reveals the cause of the problem, provides advice, and treats the problem depending on what the test revealed.


The thyroid gland controls the body’s overall metabolism as it regulates energy production and oxygen intake (3). Constant stress negatively affects the thyroid gland and weakens its normal functioning. (4). If we consume too much wheat, sugar, and other load producing food, the thyroid gland becomes depleted which can lead to weight gain (5). In an accelerated lifestyle, due to constant overexertion, the pituitary gland can force the thyroid gland to work harder and thus to become exhausted and stop working (4). When the immune system is in a state of imbalance it can attack its own thyroid gland and thus lead to a disease called Hashimoto (6). (4).

What Can I Do?


Hormonal imbalance caused by prolonged stress increases the risk of unbalanced blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, and weight gain (8). With Valera Vita BICOM treatments, we individually select programs that help your body to repair disturbed frequencies, whether it is hormones or stabilization of other organ systems with mandatory cleansing from stress. It is also very important to work on mental stabilization because the same patterns lead to the recurrence of difficulties. Acceptance and relieving of stress greatly help the general condition of the hormonal system.

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